Web Design Guide For Noob

For someone who has zero idea on web design, this can be pretty frustrating.

You want to learn something new so you decided to try out web design. Because of this, you immediately looked for tutorials.

To your surprise, there are a lot of tutorials out there. However, browsing through each of those tutorials, you realize that these lessons are actually directed towards people who have designed websites before.

Your vibe dies and, eventually, you’ll just shrug your shoulders and admit to yourself, “Meh. I didn’t like web design in the first place.”

But would everything change if some article showed you the way? If just some tutorial kindled that small matchstick in your creativity, would you stop designing?

Of course, the answer to these questions depends on a case-to-case basis. However, things might have gone differently if you just saw great newbie guides to web design.

For non-web designers to want to try out web design, a noob guide would be great.

And yes, I’m going to give you one. So, keep your eyes glued in this article and let’s all start learning!

Since the Web has soared into popularity, interest in learning web design has also increased exponentially. Right now, there are a lot of people from different corners of the world who dream of building their own websites, and in the near future, earning from such activity.

This exponential growth dominoed into the increase of platforms and courses that guarantee you web design knowledge. There are blogs, forums and courses right here and there for your choosing. You just have to know which is the best one for you.

In the world of web design, video-based instruction is very popular. However, there are only a handful of tutorials that offer in depth and high quality teaching. The reason is, it takes too much effort, time, knowledge and resources to create instructional materials with the depth that everyone is looking for.

That may be the reason why some courses are pricy. There are some learning centers that also offer subscription-based learning where you pay a fee for a month to be granted access to a library of web design knowledge.


UAAP Season 81 holds pre-season occasion, ‘The Last One Standing’ at SM Mall of Asia

Rally for your favorite UAAP basketball star players as host school National University gears up for the primary ever Season 81 pre-event The Last One Standing: 1-on-1 Hoop Challenge, happening on August 17 at the Mall of Asia.

“We are excited to administer our fans a jumpstart of the upcoming UAAP Season 81 as we tend to showcase the players’ individual skills at the primary ever 1-on-1 hoop challenge,” aforementioned Nilo Ocampo, President of the Board of Managing administrators of UAAP.

The one-day basketball tournament can pit players of taking part UAAP groups against one another on a 1-on-1 basketball challenge. other than the tournament, there’ll even be a Slam Dunk Contest, a 3-point shootout and a Skills Challenge. All competitions can have a men’s and women’s division, apart from the Slam Dunk Contest that is for men solely. With 8 participants per division split into 2 teams, the tournament can have one spherical robin format with the highest 2 players of every cluster advancing to the semi-finals. The last 2 players standing can play within the finals. Winners can arise to Php twenty,000 worth of product and gift certificates from SM Supermalls!

Don’t miss out on other fun activities this season! show off school spirit at the UAAP Season 81 opening at the moa Arena with special performances from James Reid, Spongecola, and surprise foreign artists!
visit https://smtickets.com/.

EarAccess Hearing Aids To Be Available In The Philippines

Canadian social enterprise makes high quality hearing aids accessible to Filipinos.

Not too many Filipinos are knowledgeable when it comes to detecting possible hearing problems. And even if they are, devices that provide immediate solutions like hearing aids may be out of their reach because of the prohibitive prices.
But it will soon be a thing of the past as Canadian social enterprise earAccess, Inc. makes its high quality yet affordable hearing aids available in the Philippines. The company partnered with FINE Nutrition Trading International, a company known for its various health and well-being products, who will serve as the exclusive local distributor of earAccess hearing aids in the country.
earAccess hearing aids will be formally launched this month, and they will be available initially at select Watsons stores.
Thanks to ACCESS® 1 and ACCESS® 2 hearing aid models being launched, more Filipinos will now have access to high quality, durable and more importantly affordable, hearing aids. Currently, hearing aids are out of reach to many hearing-impaired Filipinos because they are expensive. The high price tag for hearing aids thus acted as a barrier for those with hearing impairment to get the access and relief that hearing aids provide. earAccess will change all of that.
“Indeed, hearing aids are very pricey so we changed the low-volume, high-margin status quo to a high-volume, lower margin model since hearing aids, although sold mostly at high prices, cost relatively little to make. With our ACCESS® brand of hearing aids, we were able to combine quality and low price to make them truly affordable,” declares Audra Renyi, Chief Executive Officer of earAccess, Inc.
In the Philippines, Filipinos with hearing impairment are about 17%, of the population based on the last National Registry done by the Department of Health (DOH) back in 1997.
Better Hearing Philippines, a non-government organization that assists the government in helping prevent hearing loss, conducted a nationwide survey on hearing disability and ear disorders in 2005. It estimated the prevalence of hearing disability at 8.8%, with hearing impairment, including mild forms of hearing loss, at 28%. The Philippine National Ear Institute, meanwhile, reported that “at least eight profoundly hearing deaf babies are born every day in the country, which is about one deaf baby born every 3 hours.”
Renyi said over 1 billion people worldwide suffer from hearing loss, and most live in developing countries and would need hearing aids. However, almost none of them can afford hearing aids so she decided to launch earAccess after her work at World Wide Hearing, a non-profit organization that works to provide hearings aids in underserved communities globally.
“With earAccess, our social mission is to create a financially sustainable way of reaching millions of people around the world who need hearing aids through our advocacy of ‘Come, Save, and Hear.’ We believe that if you cannot hear, you are cut off from your world, so we want to help you acquire hearing aids and reconnect with family and friends” Renyi adds.
To know more about earAccess and its ACCESS® 1 and ACCESS® 2 hearing aids, like the earAccess Facebook page, http://www.facebook.com/earaccessph or visit https://earaccess.com.

Surgeon’s Online Business Thrives with LBC as Logistics Partner

Most transactions are seen as nothing more than a simple and casual exchange of services among people who need to fulfill a deal to further their respective businesses.

But there are those whose transactions run deeper- like those which alter the lives of customers and clients whose ties are made stronger by a trusted and reliable logistics provider like LBC.


Vincent Rasalan, a General Surgeon by profession, has another passion: he also vends food in jars- like taba ng talangka, atchara, vinegar and the like- a business inspired by his mother who was able to support his education- from high school to medical school by selling such delicious treats. But unlike before when his mother sold the delicacies house to house or by taking orders through phone, Vincent found a bigger market through social selling. Via his small online venture called #OnlineTalipapa, Rasalan is able to continue his mom’s legacy and reach a wider market.

Enabling Vincent with his side business is LBC, whom he has long relied on to complete his customers’ orders, whether by retail or bulk. In having a trusted partner like LBC, Vincent and many others like him, are able to free themselves from the problem of transporting products so they can, instead, focus on growing their enterprise.

Vincent narrates: “A small business such as ours needs partners we can depend on to carry out tasks which will be extremely difficult for us. We are thankful to LBC, because they have helped us deliver our goods from across cities, provinces and even, regions. They make our work easier- and have made our products more accessible to both loyal and new customers”.

LBC, for their part, is only too happy to provide a reliable platform for both traditional and online sellers and buyers so they can exchange goods and services as seamless as possible. And seeing content customers like Vincent gives LBC a fulfillment like no other knowing that they have moved lives and businesses yet again.

Bubbleman The Best and Affordable Dishwashing Liquid (10 Ways To Use)

There are a lot of inexpensive products out there that can do the job of more expensive products. One of my favorites is BUBBLE MAN DISHWASHING LIQUID!


It can clean porcelain, glass, stainless and even plastic types of dinnerwares and cookwares without leaving soap residues.


You can safely use Bubble Man dishwashing liquid to clean the toys of your kids.


Most of us have monobloc type of chairs and tables at home. To clean them, mix Bubble Man dishwashing liquid with warm water and wipe down your plastic furnitures, then rinse off with water (best with a hose).


Pour a cup of Bubble Man dishwashing liquid into the toilet bowl and leave it for 20 minutes. Pour a pail of hot water into the toilet bowl, holding it a little higher above the toilet bowl.


In case that your little rascal put or had gums, clays, sticky putty, baby oil and the like on his/her hair, you may use Bubble Man dishwashing liquid to remove them especially the grease.


The easiest way to fix a squeaky door or sliding window is with just a drop of Bubble Man dishwashing liquid.


Ants get out of their “caves” before the rainy season to hunt for food. I personally get irritated when I see them in every corner of our house. What to do? Put two teaspoon of Bubble Man dishwashing liquid in a spray bottle full of water. Mix or shake it. Spray to the ants.


Amaze your kids by playing bubbles made from Bubble Man dishwashing liquid. Mix ½ cup of the dishwashing liquid to ½ gallon of water. Stir gently. Dip your bubble wand and get ready for fun with your children.


We love grilled food! Fish, chicken, pork, beef and veggies! To clean after grilling, put ½ cup of Bubble Man dishwashing liquid and a gallon of water in a large basin. Soak it overnight. The next day, scrub the grill and rinse well.


Put a few drops of Bubble Man dishwashing liquid in a small container with vinegar. Place the container where you’ve seen the fruit flies (e.g. dining table). They will get stuck in the miixture.

KOG GrandChase – Dimensional Chaser GRAND OPENING at 2PM July 3rd (PHT) In The Philippines!

– Obtain the ORIGINAL GrandChase Heroes through in-game events!

– Loads of rewards in celebration of achieving 200,000 pre-registrations!

KOG Chief Executive Officer Jong-won Lee has announced “GrandChase – Dimensional Chaser”, a real-time RPG styled game that is hugely popular in Korea, is going to be launched in the Google Play Store and Apple App Store at 2pm July 3rd (PHT).

“GrandChase – Dimensional Chaser” is the official sequel to the hit online game ‘GrandChase’ and it has been produced by the GrandChase Online Development team. It inherits the original game’s worldview and was released this January in Korea. Since it’s launch in Korea, it had achieved the top game ranking in the Apple App Store and Top 2 of Google Play Store.

KOG said “We are so glad that it is in the Philippines where we have unveiled the Global version of the official sequel to GrandChase for the first time. Please enjoy the <GrandChase – Dimensional Chaser> as we all did with GrandChase PC”

Moreover, to celebrate the Grand Opening, special events have been prepared, such as chances to obtain GrandChase heroes including the one from the PC version through playing the game. In addition to this, as a big Thank You to the gaming community for accomplishing 200,000 pre-registrations in the Philippines, Premium Hero Summon 10x Bonus and many more will be given out as well.

For more details of “GrandChase – Dimensional Chaser”, please visit these links.

The official website (https://ph.grandchase.net)

The official Facebook page (https://www.facebook.com/GC.Mobile.PH)

KOG is a game company started in 2000 with the aim of creating world-class games based on its excellent and cutting-edge technology. Today, GrandChase-Dimensional Chaser and Elsword is not only present in Korea, but also in North America, Europe, Japan, and have been in service in more than 20 countries. In 2012, KOG established a corporation in the United States and in the Philippines providing direct Elsword services. KOG is a company that keeps a lot of people around the world engaged year after year by making games that are fun for everyone. (KOG official website: http://www.kog.co.kr)



ELITE GAMES is the Local Publishing Partner of KOG for its critically acclaimed Mobile title, “GrandChase – Dimensional Chaser”.  Founded in 2016, ELITE GAMES is one of the leading international Game Service and Marketing Providers based in the Philippines with its regional HQ located in the Silicon Valley of Asia, Pangyo, South Korea.


Vivo unlocks the future with the launch of X21 in the Philippines

Vivo Philippines’ VP for Sales Ms. Hazel Bascon gave her welcome message during the Vivo X21 launch.

Global smartphone brand Vivo has unlocked the future of mobile technology in the Philippines as it introduced a new flagship, the X21 with the pioneering In-Display Fingerprint Scanning Technology, at its launch in Okada Manila on June 21.

The event, held in the Grand Ballroom of the picturesque oceanfront integrated resort, was well-attended by media partners and other guests despite the heavy rain.
Vivo Philippines Vice President for Sales Ms. Hazel Bascon during her opening remarks highlighted the global smartphone brand’s dedication to innovation.

“What is about to unfold before you is the reveal of the world’s first smartphone to feature an In-Display Fingerprint Scanner housed in a beautifully-designed all-glass build, a smartphone that is truly exceptional in more ways than one,” she said.

Vivo Philippines representatives Mr. Patrick Villareal and Ms. Jomarie Morales then went up on stage to explain each of the specs of the Vivo X21. The pair discussed how the In-Display Fingerprint Scanning Technology as well as the other features such as the AI Face Access, front and rear cameras with all-pixel dual-core sensor on the X21 work.

partners got the lowdown on the X21 straight from Vivo representatives.
Sharing tech expertise

During the launch, Vivo also invited on stage some of the respected industry experts to discuss the X21. They are Mr. Louie Diangson of Yugatech, Mr. Daniel Moral of GadgetMatch, Mr. Mark Milan Macanas of TechPinas, Mr. Giancarlo Viterbo of GadgetPilipinas, Mr. Peter Jan Icogo of Gizguide, Mr. Jamie Inocian of Unbox, and Ms. Alora Uy Guerrero of Revu.

Mr. Diangson discussed the In-Display Fingerprint Scanning Technology and the AI Face Access of X21. Mr. Morial then explained how efficient the X21’s AI photography.

On the other hand, Mr. Macanas talked about Vivo X21’s front camera, specifically its AI Face Beauty.  Mr. Viterbo, moreover, shared how Vivo X21’s AI Game Mode keep interruptions at bay while playing PUBG Mobile and other games.

Tech experts shared their thoughts on the Vivo X21.
Vivo X21’s chipset, Qualcomm Snapdragon 660AIE, is the most powerful in the Philippines to date, Mr. Icogo confirmed. Meanwhile, Mr. Inocian focused on Vivo X21’s 6.28-inch + FullView™ Display.

Ms. Guerrero, finally, highlighted why Vivo X21 is one of the most advanced phones when it comes to audio playback.

Exciting partnerships

Vivo Philippines newest partner is Shopee Philippines.
Vivo also announced its partnerships with Shopee Philippines and Akulaku. Ms. Bascon and Brand Director Ms. Annie Lim from Vivo Philippines exchanged tokens with the representatives from Shopee Philippines, Ms. Jane Lim, and from Akulaku, Mr. Sean Duxiang.

Shopee Philippines is an online shopping mall. Through the new partnership, Vivo has put up its official online store on Shopee Philippines.

Vivo Philippines’ executives welcomed Akulaku as its newest online partner.
Akulaku, meanwhile, is an online installing shopping mall that also provides financial services in Southeast Asian countries. Vivo smartphones can now be bought online installment payment options on Akulaku.

Exhilarating FIFA fever

Vivo, as the Official Smartphone Sponsor, of the FIFA World Cup Russia 2018 brought the football fever to the launch of X21. To get a glimpse of all the excitement in Russia, Vivo displayed some FIFA merchandise at the lobby.

During the presentation of the X21, Vivo mascots also showed the crowd how to do the #PassTheSwag FIFA dance. Vivo Philippines endorsers Vern and Verniece Enciso, Chie Filomeno, Maris Racal, and TJ Monterde then strutted the new flagship with a Vivo FIFA ball on their other hand while they proudly sport their favorite FIFA World Cup Russia 2018 team jersey.

Vern was wearing the jersey of the FIFA World Cup 2014 champs Germany while her sister Verniece was clad in a jersey of Spain, the FIFA World Cup 2010 victors Chienna and Maris, meanwhile, were proudly wearing the jersey of Brazil, the five-time FIFA World Cup title holders.
TJ, on the other hand, expressed his support for the national team of football superstar Cristiano Ronaldo, Portugal.

Moreover, the Vivo Philippines team including Ms. Bascon, Mr. Villareal, Ms. Morales, as well as Brand Director Ms. Annie Lim were also bitten by the FIFA fever in their football-inspired garb.

Exquisite #OOTDs

The Vivo Philippines endorsers also took cues from the new X21 for their second look for the night.
The Vivo X21 has ditched the metal body for a new 3D glass back cover. The design was inspired by Iceland’s Wake Black Beach, a rapidly cooling lava granule that is deep and dark yet free of impurities.

Vern and Verniece proved that they are young fashion icons in their Patty Ang creations.
Chienna and Maris, meanwhile, showed off that simplicity is the key to achieving elegance.

Asia’s Pop Sweetheart Julie Anne San Jose looked every inch a star during the Vivo X21 launch.
Julie Anne San Jose who performed the closing number for the night looked like a total performer in her sparkly ensemble.
Meanwhile, the unstoppable Darren Espanto entertained the crowd with his energetic performance.
Darren Espanto who had a mini-concert at the launch with her four-song set and Mccoy de Leon who made sure he would be part of the event despite the rains looked dashing and sleek in their tailored outfits.
Vivo endorsers and executives pose for photos at the launch of the pioneering X21.

Ms. Bascon also revealed the price of Vivo X21 towards the end of the program.

Ms. Hazel Bascon announced that the Vivo X21 would be available at select stores starting June 22.
The Vivo X21 is retailed for Php29,999 in authorized shops nationwide. The list of participating stores can be found here: http://vivoglobal.ph/x21_stores/.

Di Na Muli By Itchyworms (Official Music Video) 2018

The Itchyworms are now proud to share what is probably the first-ever music video shot inside the Cultural Center of the Philippines, and extend heartfelt thanks to those who helped bring the music video to fruition.Di Na Muli was written in 2016 by long-time friends Jazz Nicolas and Wally Acolola. They entered the song into the 5th Philippine Popular (PhilPop) Music Festival, performed by The Itchyworms, where it won the grand prize. Now, in 2018, the song has been given new life in the official soundtrack of the hit film Sid & Aya (Not A Love Story) (Viva Films, starring Dingdong Dantes and Anne Curtis, directed by Irene Villamor).

Somewhere in between PhilPop and Sid & Aya, the Itchyworms set out to immortalize the song. The result was a visually stunning and emotional music video, directed by Paolo Abella. Help also came along in the form of the video’s co-director Juno Oebanda, longtime friend of the band, and the generous indulgence of none other than the Cultural Center of the Philippines. The link to the CCP is Teddy Hilado (d. 2015), recognized as the father of lighting design in Philippine theater, who is also the uncle of Oebanda

The song’s themes of love, loss, and words left unspoken, are embodied in the elegant performances of Rosky Balahadia Hilado (Teddy’s widow, formerly of the Bayanihan Philippine Dance Company) and Carissa Adea (Ballet Philippines), and in the video’s sweeping visuals, all captured within the hallowed halls of the CCP. The music video seeks to serve as loving tribute to Teddy, whose influence is still felt and recognized to this day.

 Di Na Muli

Words and Music by Jazz Nicolas and Wally Acolola
Performed by The Itchyworms


Nung araw kay tamis ng ating buhay
Puno ng saya at ng kulay
Di mauulit muli

Ang oras kapag hinayaang lumipas
Madarama mo hanggang bukas
Di mababawi muli


Ang dami daming bagay na hindi naman kailangan
Kung pwede lang bawasan natin ang mga tampuhan
Hindi mo lang alam hindi mo pa nararanasan
Kahapon sana natin di mo na pinahirapan

Patawad muli
Di na muli


Ang oras kapag hinayaang lumipas
Madarama mo hanggang bukas
Di mababawi muli



At natapos ang himas ng sandal
Di kukubli aking tinig
Nang lumipas na’t di man lang nasabi
Salamat hanggang sa muli


Ang dami daming bagay na hindi naman kailangan
Kung pwede lang bawasan natin ang mga tampuhan
Hindi mo lang alam hindi mo pa nararanasan
Kahapon sana natin di mo na pinahirapan

Patawad muli
Di na muli

Binawi buhay mo ng walang sabi
Binubulong ko sa sarili
Mahal kita hanggang sa huli
Mahal ko hanggang sa huli

Youtube link for Di Na Muli official music video: https://youtu.be/rgHHJkzn5TU

For updates about The Itchyworms, you can follow them on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.
Listen to the music of The Itchyworms on Spotify, Deezer and iTunes.
Check out their music videos: Official Youtube channel

Video Credits

Di Na Muli
Words and Music by Jazz Nicolas and Wally Acolola

Rosky Balahadia Hilado
Carissa Adea
and The Itchyworms

Executive Producers: Juno Oebanda and The Itchyworms
Directors: Paolo Abella and Juno Oebanda
Director of Photography: Arvin Viola
Lighting Director: Shakira Villa-Symes
Drone Pilot: Paolo Jaminola
Editor: PJ Corpuz
Colorist: Marilen Magsaysay

Special Thanks to:
Audio Video Solutions Corporation
Soundcheck Inc.
Forerunner Technologies Inc.
JB Music
Forscink Inc.
Digital Fusion Productions
Aero 360 International
Creative Control Group

The administration and staff of the Cultural Center of the Philippines