Web Design Guide For Noob

For someone who has zero idea on web design, this can be pretty frustrating.

You want to learn something new so you decided to try out web design. Because of this, you immediately looked for tutorials.

To your surprise, there are a lot of tutorials out there. However, browsing through each of those tutorials, you realize that these lessons are actually directed towards people who have designed websites before.

Your vibe dies and, eventually, you’ll just shrug your shoulders and admit to yourself, “Meh. I didn’t like web design in the first place.”

But would everything change if some article showed you the way? If just some tutorial kindled that small matchstick in your creativity, would you stop designing?

Of course, the answer to these questions depends on a case-to-case basis. However, things might have gone differently if you just saw great newbie guides to web design.

For non-web designers to want to try out web design, a noob guide would be great.

And yes, I’m going to give you one. So, keep your eyes glued in this article and let’s all start learning!

Since the Web has soared into popularity, interest in learning web design has also increased exponentially. Right now, there are a lot of people from different corners of the world who dream of building their own websites, and in the near future, earning from such activity.

This exponential growth dominoed into the increase of platforms and courses that guarantee you web design knowledge. There are blogs, forums and courses right here and there for your choosing. You just have to know which is the best one for you.

In the world of web design, video-based instruction is very popular. However, there are only a handful of tutorials that offer in depth and high quality teaching. The reason is, it takes too much effort, time, knowledge and resources to create instructional materials with the depth that everyone is looking for.

That may be the reason why some courses are pricy. There are some learning centers that also offer subscription-based learning where you pay a fee for a month to be granted access to a library of web design knowledge.


Ateneo Junior High School bullying Incident

I am very curios about this video because it is viral and it was on the news then finally i saw it and was surprise because of this little guy who is actually humiliating this victim and the fact is that yes this might be a bullying but the fact also this is a crime because of its physical injury acquire from the victim and i think that the bully should take a lesson from it and of course the parent should guide and take an action for that specific incident.

In three separate videos that began to spread on the internet on Wednesday, the teenage taekwondo gold medalist is seen kicking and punching a fellow student inside the school toilet, beating a second student in a fight and forcing a third to kneel in submission and touch one of his shoes.


Win a Xiaomi Mi 8 Daily by Watching Sinio and TNC Predator Pro Team’s Armel and Tims via Nimo TV

Manila, Philippines
– Live streaming app Nimo TV together with the country’s well-known game streamers are giving away prizes for its lucky viewers this Holiday.

From December 16 to 31 2018, lucky spectators will have a chance to win a Xiaomi mobile phone, prepaid loads or gaming items daily. To win, a spectator should watch the live streaming of the scheduled gamer of the day, and it will be drawn randomly via Nimo TV’s in-app draw feature.

Hosting the promo are various gaming stars from Nimo TV’s streamer pool.  One is TNC Predator Pro Team’s Armel and Tims who will host on December 18-20 from 8:30 to 10:30 PM; December 21 from 1:30 to 3:30 PM; December 26 from 8:30 to 10:30 PM and December 27 – 28 (exact schedule will be posted via Nimo TV FB Page).  Popular Fliptop Artist / Gamer Sinio have recently hosted the giveaway last December 16 and scheduled to do another round on December 23 and 30 from 9:00 to 11:00 PM.

Watch out for the upcoming schedule of some streamers via Nimo TV’s official Facebook page.

Enjoy a truly merry Christmas with Nimo TV! For more information on the promo follow Nimo TV’s official Facebook page and go to Nimo.TV to watch out for the live streams.

Download the NiMO TV app at Apple app store and Google Play store. Click link here. https://nimotv.onelink.me/B6cW/25ba46b7

About NiMO TV

Nimo TV is a leading global platform that allows millions of gamers from all around the world to play and broadcast their games to other like-minded players building a community of players, gamers, and fans that drive conversation, and allows peer-to-peer rewards and recognition. Utilizing a high-quality interactive technology, audiences can interact with streamers, and gain access to exclusive esports events and tournaments, along with unprecedented access to the top streamers from across the region.

TLC Festival Returns As Discovery Festival

So Much More to Love!
TLC Festival returns as Discovery Festival at Bonifacio High Street on 8th December


Have you heard? The highly-anticipated food and lifestyle festival is coming back on Saturday, 8th December to Bonifacio High Street! With a record high of over 100,000 showing up at last year’s TLC festival, fans can certainly look forward to a freshly curated concept in 2018. This year, there will be more brands, more excitement, and so much more to love as we return as DISCOVERY FESTIVAL, showcasing our expanded portfolio – from food, travel, lifestyle, culture to adventure.



Step into the world of all that is Discovery, and come get all starry-eyed with our celebrities from Animal Planet, TLC and Asian Food Channel! Hear first-hand from Animal Planet star, Amanda Giese, on how she rehabilitates and rehomes animals in Amanda To The Rescue, and adopt a pet or two at the adoption booth in partnership with PAWS. TLC star Whitney Thore has got the moves, so come join her for a dance workout as she celebrates female body positivity and self-love. Also watch out for the intense cook-off between mother-and-son pair Sherson and Ann Lian, and Anton Amoncio from Asian Food Channel; while the ever-bubbly Janet Hsieh returns to team up with gourmet personality Sarah Huang Benjamin to whip up a delectable salted egg dish together on stage!


Come usher in the holidays with us at DISCOVERY FESTIVAL this year. Here’s what you cannot miss:

• Come by Discovery Channel’s Gas Monkey Garage and check out our line-up of classic vintage cars
• Feeling plucky? Surprise yourself with a henna tattoo on your arm, with complete freedom granted to the artist
• Get your beloved pet a complimentary massage and check-up by our resident veterinarian at the Animal Planet booth
• Swing by the TLC zone to pick up latte art or try your hand at making a watercolor Christmas card! Sign up for the two workshops here.
• Spruce up the holidays with HGTV with a handmade Christmas wreath, and go home with some unique décor finds at the artisanal Home Bazaar. Sign up for the Christmas wreath workshop here.
• If you get the hunger pangs, Asian Food Channel has it covered with an array of mouth-watering bites guaranteed to delight!

So save the date, and come down with your family and friends to Bonifacio High Street on 8th December. Admission is free and more details are available on http://www.discoveryfestival.net/. See you there!

45 of 300 Squads Advances in The Rules of Survival – NIMO TV- Philippine Champions League Qualifiers

Manila, Philippines – With the overwhelming number of squads who joined and tried to outwit one another, 45 Teams will advance to the Playoffs of the biggest Rules of Survival Tournament in the country hosted by NIMO TV.
The 2-Day qualifiers happened in 3 venues around the metro, with over 300 squads from different caliber showed up to prove their worth and secure a slot in the playoffs.

“The qualifier brought out the best among the best this is just a preview of what will happen in the coming playoffs and finals“ Henry Zhao, NIMO TV Overseas Executive. “We want to discover squads who have the grit to compete on a professional level, “ Zhao added.

The 15 qualified squads of each venue will compete in the playoffs this December 1 & 2, 2018. The top 4 squads per branch will move to the finals together with the top 2 squads of the whole tournament. The crowd favorite will also earn a slot and will complete the 15 squads who will compete in the finals.

Winners of the Rules of Survival – NIMO TV- Philippine Champions League can bring home Php 100,000 for the 1st Prize, Php 80,000 for 2nd Prize and Php 50,000 for 3rd Prize. Aside from the Cash Prizes and in-games items, the Top 5 teams will also represent the country in the Rules of Survival Southeast Asia tournament to battle and claim supremacy.

Watch the exclusive broadcast of the tournament on NIMO TV.

Full tournament info here: https://goo.gl/e9vZEB

Download the NIMO TV app at Apple app store and Google Play store. Click link here. https://nimotv.onelink.me/B6cW/25ba46b7


NIMO TV is a leading global platform that allows millions of gamers from all around the world to play and broadcast their games to other like-minded players building a community of players, gamers, and fans that drive conversation, and allows peer-to-peer rewards and recognition. Utilizing a high-quality interactive technology, audiences can interact with streamers, and gain access to exclusive esports events and tournaments, along with unprecedented access to the top streamers from across the region.

Eat right & live right with HealthyMealsPH!

Makati, November 08, 2018 – Eating a healthy diet doesn’t have to boring, bland and complicated.

It’s about eating the right amount, right calories without depriving ourselves to enjoy our food. Food must help us feel great, have more energy for the day, to improve our health, to be physically fit and even helping our mood to become happy and healthy all throughout the day! HealthyMealsPh does just that! We deliver fresh reaching as fas as Caloocan to Quezon City, Pasig , Valenzuela, Makati, Marikina, Navotas and a lot more! For as low as P2,000.00 to P 2,400.00 (depending on the calories) per week, you will enjoy the goodness and freshness of food delivered right in your door step and you can bring with you anywhere you want! We also serve High Protein which gives you the energy to get up and go, Ketogenic Meals which is one of the most popular meals worldwide to shed excess weight and improves health and of course sweet treats that you can indulge in without the guilt feeling!

HealthyMealsPh is highly recommended by a lot of celebrities ,social media influencers, health enthusiasts, athletes, young professionals and business owners who are always on the go everyday! They’ve experienced total transformation in a matter of less than 60 days. They are very happy that HealthyMealsPh food keep them healthy, young, vibrant and full of energy despite and inspire the hectic schedule. As they say when you’re cutting of unhealthy food in your diet, it’s very important that we replace them with real healthy food and focus on how you feel after eating. You must feel great and this is what HealthyMealsPh is all about!

Rad Pelayo, owner & founder of HealthyMealsPh says “ Healthy Food is meant to be enjoyed by everyone that’s why we do not only deliver, we also open our doors to catering services for parties, special occasions or gathering that will truly enjoy from main course to dessert and soon our first store will be opened to cater to those who are on the go and if you want to have your own business, we are franchising HealthyMealsPh very very soon, we will definitely keep you posted! Eat right and live right, thats our goal for HealthyMealsPh”. HealthyMealsPh Catering and Stores was officially launched on November 08, 2018 at The Ark by Unionbank in Ayala Avenue, Makati City with special guests celebrity singers Lance Edward and Moira Lacambra who are HealthyMealsPh ambassadors as well.

Rad Pelayo further adds “ We are thrilled to share our mission of promoting a holistic lifestyle by serving complete and balanced meals, prepared fresh daily by our seasoned chefs”

We are happy to announce that we are launching catering services especially now that the Holiday Season is just around the corner, we need to make sure that even if you eat a lot in parties, you are eating healthy food! We are also excited to launch our first HealthyMealsPh Store April St. Congressional Village in Quezon City.

For more details on food delivery, catering services and store franchising call 09175424015 or message us on Facebook www.fb.com/healthymealsphBRT.

The press launch was organised by PMCM Events Management. Thank you The Ark by Unionbank for the venue!

V11 A Fusion of Art and Technology

Gone are the days of bulky and monochromatic mobile phones.  Compact and sleek phones are now considered the norm, thanks to smartphone brands that design products with the consumers’ need in mind. Aside from a smartphone’s key functions, its appearance attracts customers since they are more mindful of trends and it’s also an avenue to fully express their artistic preferences. Thus, Vivo fused art and technology together in their latest flagship phone through their two trendsetting fusion color selections.

Starry Night

Starry Night

Deep in the night, billions of stars cast luminous, mystifying lights across the sky. This is where V11 drew the inspiration for their new trend-setting fusion color – Starry Night. The mysterious black and striking blue blend together perfectly, invoking the far-flung corners of the universe and exuding premium quality and style. The color selection represents one’s hopes and dreams, an affirmation that anything is within reach. This design is reminiscent of Dutch artist Vincent van Gogh’s painting: the “Starry Night Over the Rhone”, as it integrates the night sky, the stars, and the glistening blue water. It conveys that the stars will always guide you home.  

The mysterious black and striking blue of the Vivo V11’s Starry Night fusion color invoke the far-flung corners of the universe.



The luminescence of glistening stars in distant galaxies make up nebula’s elegant blue and purple hues. V11 has recreated the ethereal beauty on Nebula, putting the wonders of the universe in the palm of your hand. It signifies the sense of adventure and discovery, a yearning for something magical and more. It embodies the celestial tone of the award-winning science fiction film, “Gravity” by Mexican filmmaker Alfonso Cuaron. Its riveting galactic appeal pulls you to the infinite abyss of everlasting possibilities.


The stunning blue and purple hues of the Vivo V11’s Nebula fusion color recreate the radiance of distant galaxies.

The illuminated color selections of V11 are accompanied by a 6.41-inch Super AMOLED display and Halo Notch Fullview™ Display for clarity and uninterrupted viewing experience. While the 3D curved body and ultra-thin 1.76mm side bezels provide maximum grip and comfort.  

Do you want the universe in the palm of your hands through this state-of-the-art smartphone? You can pre-order the Vivo V11 in two ways: On ground and online. It is available in all participating Vivo concept and multi-brand stores. It will come with exciting freebies—a gift set (bluetooth speaker and earpiece with selfie stick), as well as 6 months extended warranty. Fans may also pre-order the Vivo V11 on shopping websites such as Lazada, Shopee, Argomall, and Akulaku. Freebies such 10,000 mAh game power bank, a gift set (bluetooth speaker and earpiece with selfie stick), as well as 6 months extended warranty will be included. #

About Vivo

A global smartphone brand focused on introducing perfect sound quality and ultimate photography with cutting-edge technology, Vivo develops innovative and stylish products for young people. We now have over two hundred million users and are one of the preferred brands of young people around the world. As an Official Sponsor of the FIFA World Cup™, Vivo believes in the importance of encouraging young people to embrace self-expression and an energetic lifestyle.  In the Philippines, Vivo is the top 3 smartphone brand in terms of market share with 1.5 million users nationwide.
For inquiries about Vivo, visit the Vivo website at vivoglobal.ph or check out their Facebook (https://www.facebook.com/vivophil), Instagram (https://www.instagram.com/vivo_philippines/), and Twitter (https://twitter.com/vivo_phil) accounts.

Getting These 3 Novelina Skincare Items To Survey

With respect to my body, It’s not my first time to utilize a brightening cleanser uniquely after summer to try and tone my skin. Be that as it may, for the most part I experience with cleanser with brightening fixings was it gives me “chicken skin” directly after I utilize them. In any case, with Novelina it DIDN’T occur so’s something worth being thankful for me.

I utilized the Coenzyme Face Mask Q10 is an enemy of maturing and age opposing face cover which is ideal for my skin.

– Replenishing for young looking skin

– Equalizing for an all the more even skin tone

– Pore limiting to tone and firm

I adore also this Novelina facial wash since it is mellow on the skin. It tenderly washes down the skin without taking off the skin’s characteristic dampness. My skin feels delicate and squeaky clean after each wash. It contains Kaolin which evacuates earth and cleanses the pores and furthermore it has snail serum which is a known enemy of maturing segment.

I prescribe these Novelina healthy skin items for you attempt since it is reasonable, compelling and produced using characteristic fixings.

Novelina items are solely circulated by Tristan Ventures Inc.

For more data on Novelina items, you can visit their Facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/novelinacosmetics/