Steam Dota 2: FrankFurt Major Update November 13, 2015 Update


– Added new Featured Tournament section to Watch for The Frankfurt Major. Includes live schedule and bracket views with easy access to live broadcasts and replays

– Fixed several memory leaks in the client and server
– Reduced rendering memory usage
– Fixed a regression in GPU performance
– Direct3D9Ex support enabled by default, which improves alt-tab behavior
– Reduced CPU usage when game is minimized
– Added alt click support for showing XP remaining until next level
– Added a sound for the Aegis expiring (audible to allies only)
– Added support for player color on Boots of Travel
– All places in the UI where ping times are displayed now display the network round trip time. Previously, different places displayed different measures of latency. For more details on this change, see this post on our dev forum:
– Fixed a bug where spectator gems were not incrementing correctly after watching a game
– Fixed Ghost Scepter with Dazzle Weave interaction
– Fixed Io portrait popping
– Fixed a bug with spikey Zeus head
– Enable normal maps in portrait views
– Workshop Importer: Fixed issue with portrait editing the where camera framing and spotlight shadows did not exactly match the in game portrait view
– Workshop Importer: Added template for chat emoticons and team logos
– Workshop Importer: UI improvements to make complex submissions more manageable
– Workshop Importer: Portrait editing UI improvements
– Fixed an issue where Radiant fountain and building particle effects would sometimes not be present when spectating
– Fixed hitboxes for Tinkbot courier


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