Live With The King ( Huawei Nexus 6P Top Features)

Sharp, good quality screen; Great fingerprint scanner; Fast performance; Solid camera.

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The Nexus 6P is the latest of Google’s own-brand smartphones. Launched alongside the smaller Nexus 5X, the 6P is a phablet with a lot to say for itself. You might imagine, given the name, that the Nexus 6P is simply an iterative update on the Nexus 6, but you’d be dead wrong.

Google has partnered with Huawei to manufacture the device over Motorola this time, and the resulting device is more than capable of sticking out on its own virtues.The Nexus 6P has a slim aluminium body and ours features a dark gray finish that takes the edge off the often-sparkly look of anodized aluminium.

The 6P has retained the 2560 x 1440 resolution of its predecessor, but Huawei has chosen to bump the screen size up to 5.7in. The display is incredibly sharp, in spite of the PenTile sub-pixel structure employed by the panel, and the contrast is impeccable.

Here are my top  5 five favorite features of the King of Android, Huawei Nexus 6P:

  1. Stunning screen clarity – The presentation is just fine in the sun. Turn over the light sensor a second to ramp everything up, and your eyes a second to adjust, and you can use the Nexus 6P in the sunshine with no subjects. Even while wearing sunglasses. Everyone who tried it seemed to agree.
  1. Faster-than-ever performance – A little background on how I’ve been using my Nexus 6P is in society. I sync two busy Google accounts. I use Hangouts for messaging, Slack for work banter and communication, Skype for technical talk with our team here at Mobile Nations, Trello to remind me of all the work stuff I need to be doing, Keep for reminders and notes of other stuff I should be doing and Google+ for general jackassery and fun. I also sync the Android Central accounts on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram, though I rarely have much to say (I’m shy like that.) All this gets synchronized with my Huawei Watch running Android Wear.  It’s the bigger model, with the “faster” processor and more storage.
  1. Low-light loving, powerful camera– OIS might make it better, and if I ran a photography site and set up a lab I could rank it in a list. I don’t run a photography site, and didn’t use a lab, though. I simply got a bunch of pictures, in all kinds of lighting and conditions, and really liked what I found out.
  1. Fast charging due to its USB Type C charging port – The Nexus 6P is among the first devices to use a USB Type-C port rather than the more common Micro USB. The benefit is that it’s reversible and, in this case, the included 15W charger gets you from a flat battery to 100% charge in two hours.
  1. Ergonomic fingerprint ID – Drop a little lower and you see the ring. It’s the fingerprint scanner, and it’s used with the Nexus Imprint software for biometric security. Nexus Imprint works pretty flawlessly if you take the time to set it up correctly, and those who want to use fingerprint security will appreciate it.


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Many of us don’t care what’s under the hood of our phone as long as it performs well, but plenty of folks do care and need to know all the numbers. Here are those numbers.


The Nexus 6P runs Android 6.0 Marshmallow out of the box. Build number MDB08H, with an Android security patch level of October 1, 2015 for those keeping score at home. This may or may not be the “final” retail version that you’ll see when you first fire things up after the delivery person drops off your Nexus 6P, but it’s what we have on review units. It’s also Marshmallow the way we’re used to it on our Nexus 6 and Nexus 5 phones, and that’s another of those “good things” I like to bring up all the time.

An e-fuse on a Nexus phone – It’s a hardware feature of the Snapdragon processor. It will trigger if you unlock the bootloader. Google doesn’t care if it’s triggered, and they aren’t going to deny you any warranty because you unlocked the bootloader on your phone using the easy directions they provide to unlock the bootloader (I asked). That doesn’t mean you can flash Kangaroo-kernel-9001_experimental_v0.311-OVERCLOCK-YOLO and break everything, then expect Google to mail you a new phone, though. If you unlock your boot loader, use some common sense and you won’t have any problems.

The Nexus 6P gets the Nexus series back on the rails. It’s a good-value phone that offers good or great results in just about every area.

Camera? Design? Performance? Software? All get a thumbs-up. Stand-outs include the finger scanner and the front camera, which are among the very best available at any price.

While the Note 5 might have the edge in (main) camera and battery life, plus screen accuracy, that the Nexus 6P costs so much less makes it easy to recommend to those out for a large-screen phone.

You may visit Huawei Nexus for more information




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