Hydrate your skin all throughout the summer with a full dose of Hyaluron!


If the blazing summer heat and burning rays of the sunshine keeps you from having fun this summer, don’t fuss.  Your secret weapon is HyC150 to protect you.  Get hold of one sachet every day at P 125 per sachet and you’re ready to have fun and frolic.


Summer is definitely here.

You’ll probably raring to hit the beach for a quick getaway with the barkada or do more outdoor activities.  For the working folks, there’s planning frenzy for team buildings and office outings.

Generate ready to beat the blistering sun that can cause the most harm for your head.   It is at this time that our skin is most vulnerable, so better protect it the best way you can without missing all the fun.

How do you combat the harmful effects of the blistering sun? Use protective gear all the time.  This includes the must haves sunblock, sunglasses to protect your eyes and appropriate headgear.  Above all, hydration is key to allow your body to recuperate from the hotness.  You wouldn’t want to go away along the beach out of dehydration, wouldn’t you? So it’s best to hydrate because it not only flushes out dangerous body toxins, but also keeps the skin moisturized, smooth and silky even in the searing heat of summer.

Maintain in mind as well that before you head out to the beach and brave the blistering sun, it’s safer to drink a safe yet powerful supplement to maintain your skin nourished and supple despite the summertime rut.

Try today’s 2015 Monde Selection award-winning diet and health supplement that’s all natural with vitamins and minerals to keep your healthy—Premium HyC150 from FINE Japan Co. Ltd.

HyC150 has two powerful components that prepare it more powerful than any other supplement today. It has 5,250mg of Collagen in every sachet, the element that helps delay ageing to maintain your skin smooth and delicate. Collagen helps stop the early emergence of wrinkles and age pores, both signs of aging, and aids in

Counteracting any adverse effects of nature’s elements against the skin. Hence for those who will lead off to the beach this early, keep in psyche to take HyC150 for utmost security.

There’s also 150mg of Hyaluron, your natural moisturizer that keeps the bones and tissues fully lubricated so you can move freely and pain-free while hydrating the skin so it remains nourished, healthy and youthful, while helping grow hair that’s strong and silky.

Aside from Hyaluron and Collagen, HyC150 also has Ubiquinol, the energy booster to help block several harmful toxins from entering our bodies. With Ubiquinol, the blood vessel walls are fortified, same with the nerve tissues, organ linings against pollution’s injurious effects, provides nourishment despite an unhealthy and poor diet, and of course in combating the normal ageing problems.

There’s also Vitamin C that serves as the main antioxidant to protect the body from a number of cancer types while providing for a stronger immune system.   Plus Elastin, the protein found in the body’s connective tissue that helps maintain skin springiness and elasticity. Also Biotin, that makes hair radiant and scalp healthy, an essential element to help keep hair glowing and admirable even under the heat of

Lastly, there is the precious nutrient called Pearl Coix which is the most sought-after skin whitening ingredient in  HyC 150.  Pearl Coix brigthens skin giving you that wonderful natural glow and enviable rosy cheeks that gives you the X factor.


HyC 150 is distributed in the Philippines by BrightRay Enterprises. HyC150 is available at selected Watsons stores nationwide and online at Lazada (www.lazada.com.ph) and e-commerce site www.HyC150.com. “Like” us on Facebook (https://www.facebook.com/HyC150); follow us on Twitter (#HyC150) or Instagram (@HyC150), or call (02) 5467297, 09177750779 for inquiries.


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