The Voice Of Divine Love Book Launched At Makati, Shangri-La

A book about the Christian faith for those in the faith, or interested in it. That’s not to state that there’s nothing here for less dedicated or even those without faith, nevertheless, as it is at the center of it a reassuring and pleasant view of the universe and life, overflowing with a sensation of general acceptance and love.


The Voice of Divine Love is a thoughtful and soothing read that focuses Christian ideals into a loving screed, boasting our capacity for beauty and holding a warning against straying from the Lord. It’s a relaxation from the difficulties of life and a reminder that we, we human beings, are infinitely capable and loved.

Rather than a fearful, vengeful figure depicted elsewhere, Dayrit looks to the side revealed to her through her search and the guidance of members of the church and members of the convent.


Dayrit shares her feelings and convictions about her loving Father in this series of prose passages which can be read out loud or in silence. Each passage builds on its predecessor and the workplace as a whole informs the reader along the vast and caring nature of God the Father.


It draws on scripture and teachings and works under the idea that there is a knowing, ever-present, life-creating God just as believed within that ideology.

Surrender everything to God, because things are sometimes out of our control. And then, let Him take over you and surrender everything to Him. He has a plan for you, you just need to learn and trust. This is unquestionably a serious book that should be shared with people who are feeling down or don’t accept anyone with them.


Truly, one of the best books I’ve read. This book is professionally done and very refined. A masterpiece with a very timely message for humanity. The audio book  is written in first person narrative, making it feel like God’s voice talking to you directly and reading these words. I enjoyed the style, the narrator’s voice and tone.

Arlene’s book has made me so many resolutions and realizations. Whatever stage you are in life now, feel God’s love is ever present. Thank you, Arlene, for will us listen to God as He spoke to you and to us.

Arlene’s grand launch at Makati Shangri-la (September 30, 2016) with all her family and friends.You may visit for more information. 


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