Acceler8 Kicks Off South East Asian Expansion With UnionSPACE

After announcing its consolidation with coworking spaces across South East Asia, Acceler8 Community + Workspace is proud to call itself Acceler8 by UnionSPACE.

To mark this major milestone and the great things it’s about to unfold for the community, it set to host a series of exciting initiatives and to go beyond connections. It will kick off with a month-long exhibit entitled, “This is US: Celebrating Diversity Through Local Eyes” in collaboration with Juan Portrait – a Filipino organization of volunteers from all walks of life banded by community-driven causes.

The exhibit will feature portraits and landscapes that re-introduces the different local cultures and depicts diversity as a core strength. Acceler8 by UnionSPACE Events Manager Rani Salvadora says that, “As we go across Southeast Asia, we want to acknowledge the cultures we are opening doors to, and whose doors are opening to us by going beyond our usual palette. This also gives us a chance to engage the community and excite them for all the good things to come in with the expansion.” Mikko Barranda, Acceler8 by UnionSPACE CEO and Co-Found adds “Diversity is a true driver in emerging economies. Not only does it allow for exchange of ideas, technology, and best practices, it also fosters better collaboration, communication, and understanding of each other. That’s almost always overlooked which is why it should be celebrated all the more.”

The exhibit runs from March 16 to April 19 at Acceler8’s 111 Paseo (Legaspi Village, Makati). On March 16, a short press conference will be held which will discuss Acceler8 by UnionSPACE’s new venture and what it means to its members and the industry. Afterwards, the exhibit will be officially opened at 7PM. There will be a pop-up portrait studio where participants can have their photos taken and printed in exchange for donations, which will be used for Juan Portrait’s upcoming mission.

Other events will take place along with the exhibit throughout the exhibit run. Among these is the Eureka Series entitled Poblacion Re-Imagined: Stories Behind Reinventing the Neighborhood on April 19. Acceler8 will be bringing in the minds behind Poblacion’s thriving scene for a forum and pop-up resto+bar during the closing of the exhibit.


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